version 1.01

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I made a mistake in version 1.00 about the score.
I fixed this problem.

List of change:
    - fixed score bug
    - add display of the difficulty while gaming (no timer, easy, normal, hard)

For Windows users: (~220Ko)
to download this version click here ---->

For Mac users (or windows users who don't want to use 7z file): (~2.3Mo)
to download this version click here ---->

To patch this game for your device (R4, Supercard, ....) go to --->

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Antoine 11/06/2008 10:37

Hi, Do you still work on this game?Is it possible to have sound effect in game?Thanks.Antoine.

Guy Duke 18/06/2008 11:35

I didn't have much time for the game.
But a week ago, I reinstalled all (PALIB, etc, ...) on my new computer (From PC to MAC), so I can still compile it now on MAC.
I need to find sound now and put them in game.

Uwe 21/06/2007 14:52

A very nice and addicting game. I would rate it in one line with the games Kukulcan created.
It's among my favourite 10 homebrew games.
Thank You!

Paul 01/06/2007 11:09

I've reached level 25 and I cannot save to go any further if, in fact, there are any more levels.  How many are there?

Guillaume Duquenne 11/06/2007 12:14

Hi!What is your problem exactly? How many saved game have you?How many highscore game have you?When does the problem appear exactly in the 25th level? Can you play the 25th level?What kind of card do you use?I hope I will help you soon.

Luca Favoni 27/03/2007 16:17

I have a problem!!i can't pach the game!!i have a supercard LITE microsd, but the software of supercard don't pach the game!!!What is the solution?? Sorry for my bad english

Guillaume Duquenne 28/03/2007 11:24

go to this link to patch the game --->

lyonnel 24/03/2007 19:55

Bravo pour ce jeu.J'ai adoré jouer à ce jeu (à l'epoque sur atari ST). il était tellement buggué sur ST (les déplacements étaient mal gérés) que j'en avais reprogrammé un (en utilisant les graphismes de l'original et en rajoutant des niveaux) à l'époque. il faut vraiment adorer pour en arriver là  :).je vais l'essayer de suite.