Version 1.00 is here

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Yes, I did it. (version 1.00)

Version 1.00 doesn't mean the last one.
But this version is fully playable and can give a lot of fun.

List of changes:
         - Saved file are now DLDI compatible. (see to patch it for your system)
        - Green Background is done
        - Help Screen by clicking on 'select' or the 'select' graphic.
        - 90% of the game can be played by stylet (not the loadgame menu)
        - English menu (Bye-Bye French menu)
        - new cursor in main menu
        - Background of up screen has changed
        - Add Keyboard to enter the player's name.
        - Level's difficulty : no timer, easy, normal, hard (some people asked me to add this fonction.)

So now, I hope that my game will be compatible with all type of card (DS-X, M3-simply, supercard, ....)
I can only test my game on DS-X system, so please say me if you have some problems with other systems.

In the futur, I have to add news improvements like:
       - sound
       - 100% by stylet.
       - what else??? I ask give me your opinion.

to download my game in version 1.00, click here ----> (this version is no longer available)

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