Version 0.99 is arrived !!!

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I made a stable version of my game.
I have to finish:
    - the menu asking the 
name of the player .
    - the green background.
    - the help screen.
    - and some few things thanks to your commentaries.

List of changes by the last published version (0.95):
- The Display of the screen  "Quit&Save" by pressing "start" touch while gaming.
- Adding save game information in 'atomix.sav' file (not only highscores)
- Delete a saved game by pressing "Y" in loadgame menu.
- New graphic version of the atoms.
- Display molecule solution in the right place (not too on left or right)
- new level 12 and 24. (
all 30 levels are available.)
- Finish graphic block of all levels.
- optimized code for graphical display
- Display more information on which 
touch to press in game or menu.
- some minor changes

Enjoy the gaming. hope you will finish it

To download my game to go ---->  (this version is no longer available)
in the file, I have inserted 3 files:
                                  - atomix-ds-v0.99.nds
                                  - atomix-ds-v0.99.ds.gda

Game Tested on:
- DS-XTREME (savegame are ok )
- supercard DS one (works)
- M3 DS simply (works).

Test on DeSmuME 0.6.0 -->

When I will finish the game for my DS-X (v1.00), I will work on the save file problem.
Just for information: DS-X card seems to work faster than supercard DS one.


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Keith 16/03/2007 01:57

Hey, great game. How many molecules are there in the game?Also, I agree with the no timer idea. I play this in school sometime, so I switch from playing to actually paying attention a lot, so sometime time can be a burden.

Jimmy 15/03/2007 02:14

Wow!!! Atomix has been one of my childhood pc games. It's sos challenging and requires lots of strategy to put the molecules in the correct order!!!By the way, the rom works great on my NDeSmuME v0.40!! Thanks for your great effort!!

Guyduke 28/02/2007 11:55

Atomix DS is a port so I kept all the thing like the original one.Time was present so I did it.But I think, I will do different playing mode "No timer", "Easy","Normal". Off course, less points in "No timer", "Easy" than "normal".I have to add sound, I don't think I will put music.Thanks to give your opinion.

Seiken 28/02/2007 04:36

Personally I don't like being rushed on puzzle-type games. Is it possible to eliminate the timer complete? I don't really know many puzzle games that have a timer (ex. sokoban, puzzle-modes of Tetris and polarium)Also is there sound for this game? Because I don't hear anything right now.

Guyduke 27/02/2007 12:51

I don't know what to do when time is over:     - finish gameor  - restart levelor  - restart level and lose one life (begin with 3 or more lifes.)or  - I don't know, I'm listenning all of you.Thanks for your remarks.